May 13, 2008

this is how 3d animation is made.
its both – super realistic and ultra fictional at the same time.

a try to simulate/create our everyday sorrounding world in 3d space is quite messy. often led by a fiasco. you see it (usual surroundings) all the time and the tools to make it (software) are quite available.
creating/simulating the explosion of a star is pure science for the time, although there are some attempts to make it as a beautifull visual metaphor or something, but that usualy doesn’t have enough precision in “original” details, as science has.
so why 3d modelling our everyday world is usualy called “creation” and scientific attempt “simulation”?
i think that should be reversed.
copying our everyday world is more simulation than “simulating” supernova – witch is creation, as pure as a science itself.


2 Responses to “super(nova)animation”

  1. maantas Says:

    well, i dunno, but my thoughts would be:
    supernova is a simulation, sins ones who made it where not “creating” in a sense that they couldn’t do just whatever they dreamed of, or thought about. they had lots of structure (research methods) and data (all the data from other scientists and astronomers and physicists) so this “birth of nova” is restricted by all the knowledge of all these mentioned parties.
    and on other hand when we “create” a 3d scene , even if its just, say, a stupid building or something, we usually let ourselves to do what we want, we are not as restricted. Like, i like blue, so i paint the walls of the house in blue, wile in supernova case, i paint green only areas which represent certain temperatures, or somth like that…

    • well, you’ve got point! but i was looking at it from more filosophical perspective, asuming that nobody knows 4sure, what goes on when star explodes. thus classifying that as science fiction:)

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