my toons

August 20, 2008

Hi secondhand!

You’re the first to know our secret!

MyToons is proud to announce the Beta version of our brand new Digital Portfolio System – available now to all MyToons members! We have created this robust system to give you complete control over how you present yourself and your portfolio to the world.

We wanted to give you and the MyToons community a head start so that you could explore and experiment with this great new system before anyone else.

So what’s this new Digital Portfolio System all about?
The MyToons Digital Portfolio System allows you to easily edit your portfolio:
• Personalize a pre-designed layout, or create one from scratch
• Perfect with customizable drag and drop widgets – no HTML programming skills needed!
• Add HD and SD animation, artwork, music, photos, games, comments and more- it’s a piece of cake!

Endlessly create, tweak, add, or subtract from your portfolio page – even save a variety of designs to choose from whenever your mood or the season changes!

The Digital Portfolio System is in Beta for the next few weeks, so – now more than ever – we would love some feedback. Find a bug or have a feature suggestion? Feel free to let us know!

To get started, check out the Quick Start Guide


The MyToons Team

PS. When you go to your page on MyToons, you will notice that it looks a little different. If you put a lot of work into your old page design and aren’t ready to let it go….No worries. To get back to that layout, just type “old/” before your member name like this: You can then transfer the elements of your previous design over to your new layout, save, and use it whenever you want!


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