blogging about blogging

January 17, 2009

it looks like most blogging out there is going about blogging itself.
also “news”, life and stuff..

like “i deleted my account on facebook and now i have more time (for twitter).”.

and that reminds me, once again, Marshall McLuhan and his electricity extending human neural net idea. it’s obvious, that internet medium integrates this idea into social level in its purest form.
and here another interesting parallel between www net and human brain emerges.

most of the human brain activity is “thinking about itself” or work inside, information management. just small percent of neural net “attention” is dedicated to observing outside world. most work is done managing that information inside the network.

in other words, it’s blogging about blogging.

i wonder how it looks, or better i should say feels, when www goes insane..

and so, by this post i fall into same blogging about blogging category, keeping our beloved global neural network intact.


One Response to “blogging about blogging”

  1. ev Says:

    hah, labai gerai pastebėjai dėl to “blogging about blogging”.

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