Home style animation studio

January 24, 2011

last week i made a video promo for the party @ Satta. this time Satta drops some proper heavy shit from Bruxelles – VLEK records showcase with Cupp Cave & Squeaky Lobster live!
have to say: had real fun working with material from OMA & Piotr, who done the artwork for VLEK. the minute i laid my eyes on it, i thought of simple stop-motion animation. its fun to do, and always looks attractive. so there are some pics from making of and the result. hope to see yall on the dancefloor! music is as mind-blowing as the images!

!!! watch on Vimeo (link) for HD !!!

music: Squeaky Lobster – Rock it.


2 Responses to “Home style animation studio”

  1. maantas Says:

    superb, loved it. that’s a nice stop motion studio set up u have here. i see u have cool lighting too. I am in a long proses of building similar “studio” myself. sins u are at it, would u mind sharing some thoughts on camera and lenses u use? (if u ave got a camera for this purpose, not just any camera)
    or any tips and traps for beginner :)

    • equipment is borrowed:) cannon eos20d with zoom lens (24-70mm). but for larger works its best to use video input and capture straight to computer. just software on that is ..well, i haven’t found anything that would suit properely. mostly amateur open source..

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