PixelGun and other virtual toys

February 13, 2011

playing with Quartz Composer. some code from Pixelnoizz (pxn) some motion detection (Architecture 1024) some feedback (goto10) all put together

in a process of compiling Quartz Composer based effect that would act like an old tube camera (com ca: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhPpTLkMdQo). i started with feedback + motion detection and it looks something like this:

result is close to what i want to get, but still a lot to tweak and learn in a process. the resulting image is very flickery and it gets totaly freaked out when the feedback is on full opacity. this is nice to play with – a lot of unexpected patterns emerge. i naively droped some blur on the feedbacking image considering that would smooth the flickering, but, as mostly happens with my amateur aproaches to Quartz Composer, it just did something else.

the new possibilities emerge with every step so its kinda hard to keep on one track. but hopefully i will come up with something nice that i can share with the comunity that was good to my:)

edit: composition shared at Kineme


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