September 30, 2011

Working with LED screens at Sūpynės earlier this summer  was great fun. Mainly because the output is so small pixel-wise and computer crashed only 4 or 5 times over night..

we had made a custom Quartz Composer patch to do masking for the custom LED panels composition.

still, you are outputting 800×600 resolution and the black box squeezes it, then outputs 200×100 and sends it to 3 panels. top 25×200; middle 50×200; bottom 25×200.

so, with a little math and cropping we wrapped this to simple FX to be used in VDMX with couple layers.

FX scales down any input to 200×100 pixels res, then passes it through 3 crop patches and outputs to 3 sprites positioned and aligned. in VDMX i applied FX to 2 layers, one turned on for the top and the bottom panel, one for the middle part. i also dropped in some flipping and scaling for those sprites but, to tell the truth, i never used those. lights where flashing too much to go into such detail as slight perspective pulsing hooked to the sound input.. the classic mapping trick:)

right-click-download and change extention to .qtz – https://vytasrealtime.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/led-3-way-mask.jpg

i am waiting to use this mapping technique in further experiments, Quartz Composer really helpful this time. i can see how you get hooked on mapping- more ways to get OFF the screen so to say.

Another festival that we had an honor to be part of, was Satta Outside ’11. more managing and less visualizing this time. we didn’t manage to get all the artists we wanted and my apologies goes to them, but overall this was great and BIG festival. Pixelnoizz, dear friend from Hungary and Berlin was dropping some serious CurlyCode shit. 2 Christie beamers 10 000 lumens each, this was something. we had great pleasure to meet Silant, who told that he knows all the community of visualists at all coasts and thus, i believe, everyone knows him. very different approach to the screen than mr. Pixelnoizz and very interesting. as he own described he is more environmentalist. still he wanted to cut down the tree that covered part of the wall to be projected on. i don’t blame him.


dear colleague Vaclovas was involved in the most successful project of the festival, IMHO- Rave Museum. rgb+w painted wall opposed with LED stage lamp changing colors reacting to the sound input (Prodigy!) was EYE blasting indeed. i had my part in that museum too, with all the job done by Bartas from Gluk. face tracking trick that hooked every viewer with the the classic smiley face instead of their face. not so blasting as flashing wall, but more historically engaged. Dutch VJ culture and first software VJs, smiley face VJ samples, pills, that is all part of the rave culture.

on the side note: me, Gedas (CulAct) and Lukas (Vodka Jugend)  participated in Live Performers Meeting 2011 Minsk, Belarussia. i entered the VJ Torna Championship and crashed VDMX during first round (HUDGE FUCK!) next day entered the VJ Battle and did better- got to the final! but being super sloppy with the last round lost to VJ Fax (Italy). well, overall it was nice experience. i also sketched up one Quartz Composition during stay there. now it’s shared @Kineme, video here:

and some of it in action:


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