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March 1, 2012

more More M0r3!

A collection of videos promoting + + + party series w/ & Partyzanai

Behind the screen: .qtz plugins, patches and a few ways to use them in live vj-ing enviroment


Opium club, the party took place in is a basement with 4 white walls and 3 projectors. + there’s a switchboard for any of the lights on the floor w/ a stroboscope. If that wasn’t enough, button to spray smoke was available. Naturally, the party setup was a vj’s dream.

Simple video was filmed on location, while beaming prepared sequence and then edited to music. For the sequence quartz composer patch was used. clearly Tom / bangnoise’s Datamosh and some pixelate FX. Anyway, the video is crappy but hey, here it is:


Same venue. Video was cut up from screen capture playing overexited quartz composition. composition itself i cannot find, but the key source is this wonderful tutorial from Joris de Jong. The already mentioned Datamosh together with Chroma Zoom are used.  + + +  symbols are generated using Vade’s famous Rutt Etra. Overall this is more than my poor machine’s processor could take and the result is even more crappy than the first one. However i really used this method a lot in live sets enjoying the choppy play. It gives some kind of surprise feeling – you yourself, you don’t know what to expect from the next frame and the graphic images produced are so nice, that it is good they hang on longer…


Again the same club. Until this time sets became darker and cleaner. I also used different plugins. The hairy thing is ParticleWarfare plugin from 1024 architecture. It has an option to generate particles from video input’s motion. The + + +.png is hooked to LFO’s inside “render in image” patch to make it move and then, fed to plugin’s video input. The (probably) un-intended white line glitch occurs when you move ‘trail length’ slider in ParticeWarfare plug controls. Other than that, composition is merely a copy of the example comp in Franz’s blog. Glitch part is v002 Glitch edited using different blend modes in FCP or AE.


Either i don’t remember or it was a gap. new season – new club – Soul Box. Very fine dancefloor and lots of ways to project. Very cool guy working w/ lights on this one too. Collaboration with him was a lot of fun and brought some new waves to my sets. That means even darker and more minimalistic, more attention to colour and detail. Both places i was / am playing more with the light than a picture. That way picture itself is more of an abstract one. The + + + logo design plays big role in both branding the party series and as great graphical symbol. Since the logo was designed in 3d, it gave me great possibility to manipulate .dae file in realtime inside VDMX via Quartz Composer and v002 Model Loader.


Following vid is cut up the same manner. ‘Circle Splash Distortion’ FX from VDMX’s list is used. This way of constructing visuals seems really promising to me. It is flexible, lightweight and modular. Thus works great for my lazy ass.

Quartz composition is fairly simple: 3d model and couple of video sources that act as a texture on 3d structure. Lightweight too – no hanging up shit anymore. It’s nice to use this inside VDMX and tell it to play the next layer as a texture. That way additional FX’s may be applied to the texture layer or the composition layer or both. Composition attached (right + click to save the .zip file) is ready to be used inside VDMX as described (you will need v002 Model Loader plugin).

Have fun and see you on the dance floor!


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